Practice Staff

Dr Joanne Inkson (GP Partner) MBChB DRCOG DFFP MRCGP Joined the Practice in 2006.  Specialises in Diabetes and Family Planning.  Works 3.5 days per week. Dr Eric Janousek (GP Partner) BSc MBBS MRCP MRCGP Joined the Practice in 2006.  Specialises in GP Training, Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal Medicine and General Medicine.  Keen sportsman and has an active lifestyle.  Has a young family and enjoys living in the local community.  Enjoys fungal foraging. Dr Douglas Jarvie (GP Partner) MBChB DRCOG MRCGP Specialises in Minor Surgery and GP Training.  Married with a young daughter.  Interested in outdoors, cycling, heavy metal music and reading.  Former Army reservist. Dr Malcolm Simmons (GP Partner) MBChB MRCS Ed. MRCGP DFSRH Joined the Practice in 2016.  Specialised in Minor Surgery, with interests in Dermatology and Teaching. Dr Alex Flett (GP Partner) BSc (Hons) BMBS PhD MRCGP Joined the practice in 2016. Special interest in child health, men’s health and skin problems Dr Marion Paterson (Salaried GP) BSc (hons) MBChB DRCOG MRCGP DFSRH Joined the Practice in 2010.  Specialises in Oncology (cancer care) Dr Samantha Whiteside (Salaried GP) MBChB (with intercalated BSc) DFFP DRCOG MRCGP Certificate in Specialist Management of Menopause Joined the Practice in 2016.  Has private counselling practice WhitesideWellbeing.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Our GP Team is supported by Advanced Nurse Practitioners, who are experienced and highly educated registered nurses who manage the complete clinical care of their patients. ANPs are able to assess, diagnose and treat (including issuing prescriptions) patients with complex multidimensional problems. ANPs have the authority to refer patients for specialist care and admit patients to hospital where required.

GP Specialist Trainee

We are a recognised Training Practice and usually have a fully qualified GP Specialist Trainee attached to the Practice for one year at a time. As part of the training, we may occasionally ask if you would agree to your consultation being video recorded. This is entirely optional and completely confidential.

Locum Doctors

From time to time, Locum Doctors may be employed by the Practice. They are fully qualified Doctors with experience in General Practice.

Medical Students

Culbin Medical Practice offers training for Aberdeen University Medical students. We may have Medical Students sitting in during surgeries. We will inform you of this on making an appointment and you can elect to be seen without a student present if desired.

Members of Our Team

  • Practice Manager Mrs Fiona Harris joined the practice as Practice Manager in June 2017.  As Practice Manager, Fiona leads our team of dedicated staff and is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the practice on behalf of the GP Partners.
  • Administrative Staff Our administrative staff are your first point of contact with the Practice.  Please help us by giving all the relevant information to them so that they can ensure you are getting the most appropriate service from the practice.
  • Practice Nurses Our nurses deliver chronic disease management reviews for diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, stroke/TIA, COPD, and hypertension. They also undertake travel medicine, cervical screening and breast awareness.
  • Treatment Room Nurses Our treatment room nurses are capable of undertaking a wide range of nursing procedures and are there to participate in the delivery of specialist clinical services through our treatment room.
  • Health Care Assistants Health care assistants are trained in a particular way but do not have a professional qualification, undertaking clinical procedures which have been taught and delegated – such as ‘phlebotomy service’, ECG recordings, as well as a wide range of support services to the team. Our practice nurses and treatment room nurses have developed new roles and skills and we are utilizing these skills to their full potential.
  • Practice Pharmacy Team Our Practice Pharmacy Team has both Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and they are available to give advice about your medication over the telephone or by appointment. They also conduct medication reviews for patients to try and sort out any medication related problems you may be having.
  • Community Nursing Teams The Forres Community Nursing Teams (District Nursing Team and Forres Neighbourhood Care Team) provide a full range of community nursing services, working in geographical areas within the practice boundaries. These teams provide assistance in all aspects of nursing care – palliative care, chronic disease management, wound care, bladder and bowel care.These teams are based at the Health Centre and also at the Varis Court Augmented Care Unit, but are out visiting patients for a large part of the day. They work Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5pm and can be contacted by telephone on 678875. It is best to phone before 10am or just after 2pm. There is currently an emergency out of hours service accessed through the practice telephone number 0845 337 1120.
  • Public Health Team The Forres Public Health Team includes health visitors, school nurses and nursery nurses. The Health Visitors work within the practice boundaries and offer a range of services to the practice population. They have an excellent and close relationship with the GPs with whom they meet daily to discuss clinical issues. They perform regular developmental assessments and immunisations for the under fives and can advise across the whole spectrum of child health.On Thursday afternoons from 2pm – 3pm they run a ‘drop in’ clinic for parents to access information and advice. They also visit all new families with under fives, at home, soon after registering with the practice to ensure that parents are aware of the services offered. They run a sleep clinic to support and help parents resolve sleep difficulties.  Health promotion campaigns are run regularly throughout the year. Health visitors work Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm and can be contacted on 678875.
  • Midwives The Community Midwifery Team offers care to women and their families in Forres and the surrounding area. They work closely with the GPs and the local maternity units (Dr Gray’s Hospital, Elgin: Raigmore Hospital, Inverness and Aberdeen Maternity Hospital) Services they provide include family planning, miscarriage support, initial booking appointment in early pregnancy, post natal visits at home, home support for all aspects of becoming a new parent and breast feeding support. The Midwives can be contacted on 678867.
  • Podiatrist Appointments are arranged following referral from your Doctor.
  • Physiotherapist Appointments are arranged following referral from your Doctor.

Contact your doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to ask for advice and treatment from your GP. To use this service you must be a patient of CULBIN MEDICAL PRACTICE (Dr Inkson, Dr Janousek, Dr Jarvie, Dr Simmons, Dr Flett, Dr Paterson, Dr Whiteside). If you are a Varis patient, CLICK HERE