Photo Upload

If you have been asked to send a clinical photo please use the upload form below. It is very simple to use.

This will then be sent to our secure NHS mailbox, where the GP may select photos to save to your clinical record. PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO OUR TEAM FIRST.

Please ensure you read the guide in the link below before submitting you photo/s.

Click Here for a Guide on how to take photos for upload

Photo Upload
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Maximum upload size: 8.39MB

Contact your doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to ask for advice and treatment from your GP. To use this service you must be a patient of CULBIN MEDICAL PRACTICE (Dr Inkson, Dr Janousek, Dr Jarvie, Dr Simmons, Dr Flett, Dr Paterson, Dr Whiteside). If you are a Varis patient, CLICK HERE