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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Control

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most appointments are now done by telephone or video. ACCESS TO THE HEALTH CENTRE WILL BE RESTRICTED TO THOSE WITH PRE-BOOKED FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Appointments can no longer be made at Reception and must be made by telephoning the Practice in the first instance. Anyone attending for a face-to-face appointment must wear a face covering when in the Health Centre premises.

This step is taken to ensure that we provide a safe service for patients and staff, protecting the most vulnerable / elderly patients in light of the current situation and using guidance from NHS and UK & Scottish Governments.

Some patients with pre-booked appointments may be contacted to change their appointments to telephone or video consultations instead.



  • If you are self-isolating, you don’t need a Med3 (sick note) for work as you can self-certify for 7 days or visit NHS Inform for a self isolation note for 14 days
  • Prescriptions should be ordered online or by placing your re-order form at the front entrance – it is no longer possible to collect prescriptions from Reception, therefore please let us know your preferred pharmacy

For Coronavirus information, please visit or telephone the Coronavirus helpline 0800 028 2816

We would like to reassure patients that they will continue to have access to medical advice and treatment, however they MUST call to make an appointment and cannot attend at the Health Centre until they do this.

**Please share this information with family and friends, as we appreciate that not everyone has online / social media access**

Here is the latest NHS Guidance:

Here is the latest Government Guidance:

B12 injections: if you receive regular B12 injections, we have written to you to outline changes in light of COVID restrictions and guidance from NHS Grampian / Scottish Government

Depo-Provera injections: if you receive regular Depo-Provera injections, we have written to you to outline changes in light of COVID restrictions and guidance from NHS Grampian / Scottish Government. For contraceptive cover, you will normally be changed over to the progesterone only pill. If you have other symptoms (e.g. endometriosis) you may be switched to Sayana Press self-administered injections

GP Practice Public Holidays 2020/21

Culbin Medical Practice will be closed on:

Wednesday 1st January 2020
Thursday 2nd January 2020
Monday 13th  April 2020 – cancelled (open this day)
Friday 8th May 2020 – cancelled (open this day)
Monday 13th July 2020
Monday 28th September 2020
Friday 25th December 2020
Monday 28th December 2020
Friday 1st January 2021
Monday 4th January 2021

These are all NHS Grampian Public Holidays and cover will be provided by the Out of Hours Service. (Telephone No 111- the free to use telephone number for NHS 24)

Measles cases rise by 300% globally.

We have been informed by NHS Grampian that there has been a 300% increase globally in cases of measles in the first 3 months of this year. Also, they have advised that the uptake of MMR vaccine locally may not be sufficient to achieve herd immunity. Measles isn’t just a rash – it can have serious complications, such as ear infection, pneumonia, permanent deafness, encephalitis (brain swelling) or even death. Please see this helpful advice issues by NHS Lothian on how to recognise measles. If you are unsure if you have had, or are eligible for measles vaccination – please give us a call.

Use of Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system in NHS Grampian- Position Statement October 2018

We have had some queries from Diabetic patients in relation to the Freestyle Libre system.

In summary Freestyle Libre system will only available to people with Type 1 Diabetes to help optimise their glycaemic control using intensive insulin therapy and who meet all 3 of following criteria

1 – Completion of appropriate education ( e.g DAFNE,TIM or DIANE or equivalent)

2 – Patients who are proficient in carbohydrate counting

3- Patients who utilise intensive insulin treatment involving multiple daily insulin injections or insulin pump therapy.

Further details can be accessed from the NHS Grampian link:—all-documents/NHSG_FreeStyleLibre.pdf

Please note that Freestyle Libre will not be offered to patients with Type 2 Diabetes treated with insulin at this moment, this position statement relates only to Type 1 Diabetes”

CLAN Cancer Support in Forres Health & Care Centre

CLAN – Supporting local people affected by cancer.

Are you affected by Cancer?

CLAN provides emotional support, sign-posting and information in the heart of your community across Moray and are now holding drop-in sessions in Forres Health & Care Centre on
1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Clan Poster

CLAN Cancer Support in Forres is moving

CLAN – Supporting local people affected by cancer.

Are you affected by cancer?

CLAN provides emotional support, sign-posting and information in the heart of your community across Moray.   From 17 January 2020  drop in sessions will be held in The Lodge, 3 High Street, Forres every Friday from 1pm to 4pm.

Clan Forres Poster

Not Sure Who To Turn To?

Sometimes it is difficult to know who to turn to when you have a health problem.  We have designed our own local version of the national campaign posters to help direct our patients to the most appropriate service in our area.  Our staff are trained in knowing which services exist and are happy to help you if you are unsure – please click on the link below:


SMS Text Messaging

Culbin Medical Practice are introducing a text messaging service for appointment reminders and healthcare information for patients over 16 years of age.  Please check that we have your mobile number.  We require a unique number for each patient.

Protected Learning Time Closures 2019

Varis Medical Practice will be closed from 1.30pm on the following days for Protected Learning Time:

  • Wednesday 22nd May, 2019
  • Wednesday 4th September, 2019
  • Wednesday 30th October, 2019
  • Wednesday 20th November, 2019

Cover will be provided by the Out of Hours Service. (Telephone Number 111 – the free to call number for Out of Hours)

Further dates will be added as and when we receive notification from NHS Grampian.

DNA and Late Patients Policy




It can sometimes be difficult to get a routine appointment with a GP or Nurse. In General Practice demand can be unpredictable, which cannot easily be remedied. One factor which makes this more difficult to overcome is missed routine appointments due to did not attends (DNAs), or patients being late for their appointments. Where patients’ have been declined routine appointments because appointments are fully booked, it is at best disappointing when one of those booked appointments is unused due to a DNA, and no contact has been made with the practice to cancel the appointment so that it can be released for others or telephones so late as to make it impossible to allocate the appointment to another patient.


What is a DNA?

A DNA occurs when an appointment is not attended and the patient has not contacted the Practice in advance to cancel it, or where the cancellation is so late as to make it impossible to allocate the appointment to another patient. The practice will code this DNA and this will prompt a retrospective check on the number of DNAs recorded against the individual.


DNA Policy Applicable to DNAs within a 12 month period


Where this is the first occasion, a code will be added to the patient’s medical record and the DNA counted in a monthly search.



Where this is the second occasion, a patient alert will be added to their record. When the patient makes a further appointment, they will be advised by the Receptionist that the practice is aware of their previous DNA and asked to confirm their intention to attend their next appointment.



Where a third DNA has occurred, the patient will receive a letter from the Practice Manager informing them of the details of their missed appointments and warning them that any further DNAs could lead to removal from the Practice List.  The Practice Manager will also update the Patient Alert.  When the patient gets in touch to make a further appointment, they will be advised by the Receptionist that they have been sent a letter regarding their DNAs and asked to confirm their intention to attend their next appointment.  They will also be informed that if they DNA this appointment then they may be removed from the Patient List.



The partnership will review the individual case and a decision will be taken with regards to the patient remaining at the practice. The practice will consider whether consistent failure to adhere to our DNA Policy constitutes a breakdown between the patient and the GP or whether there are extenuating circumstances, with consideration for an individual’s clinical risk, vulnerability and whether clinical assistance is required. If the partnership determines that the patient should be removed from the practice list, the patient shall be notified in writing (letter will also be copied to PSD).


Children’s DNAs

Where children DNA their appointment, the practice will attempt to discuss the DNA with the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) in the first instance, to understand why the DNA has occurred.

Children’s DNAs will be managed in accordance with the DNA Policy above, with the exception of children with safeguarding concerns. If there are any safeguarding concerns the relevant health professional, school nurse or Health Visitor will be contacted upon the first DNA. If a child with safeguarding concerns has 3 DNAs a referral to Children’s Services may be considered.


Late Patients We understand that sometimes factors are outside of patients’ control, and these in turn could result in patients being late for their appointment or them being unable to attend their appointment.

We ask that when patients’ know that they are going to be late for their appointment; they make contact with us as soon as they can to inform us.  By contacting us if you are going to be late, we can confirm whether we may still be able to go ahead with your appointment (this will not be possible in all circumstances).

If a child is late for their appointment, and there is an expression that the matter cannot wait until the next available routine appointment, reception staff should pass a message through to the GP who the child was scheduled to see to ascertain if they are able to fit the child into their clinic (giving the reasons for the request).

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further Information